299 Spots

I'm 46 and have been dealing with skin cancer for almost 5 years. I've had 299 spots removed, 5 Moh's surgeries, I've done the chemo lotion too many times to count (which I hate)... but, most importantly I'm a mother of 5 beautiful daughters. That's what I want to be known for not my cancer. On my hardest days that's what gets me through all this!

Growing up I loved the sun and being tan. If I wasn't outside laying in the sun I was in the tanning booth. My father and sister have this as well just not as much as me... thank God!

Sometimes I don't know what's worse the pain from a procedure and treatments or the ignorance of strangers. I once was asked by a co-worker if I had shingles on my face... no it's the effects of chemo lotion. The worst part is I work on a floor that treats cancer patients. So I usually stay in my house for a week or two. I get very embarrassed. I've learned that it's okay to cry, to have bad days. Then I pull my big girl panties up and we live our life as if I don't have this.

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