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Newly Diagnosed Basal Cell Carcinoma

Had surgery on face 11/7/2017 positive margins. Consultation with my surgeon on 12/8/2017 need another surgery. I am very nervous is this silly of me?

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Your question is a great question though – and the answer is that no, it is not silly of you to be nervous. I have had skin cancer for over 20 years, and I still get nervous and anxious before every single appointment and every procedure that I have to have done. You’ve definitely come to the right place though – this community is a wonderful support system. The good news? I’ve found (from experience) that the face is the area that heals the fastest from surgery; other areas on the body take longer to heal. It’s okay to be nervous, but know that we will be cheering you on!


    1. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. It is indeed a very scary thing! I've had three procedures on my face. I echo everything from the previous reply. I also feel very strongly, in my cases, it could have been so much worse. Follow post-op instructions! Ice is your friend! You can do this! There are a lot of people here who understand how you feel. Deep breaths, one step at a time. Let me know how it goes? I'll be thinking of ya. Hang in there! 😘

      1. Oops... I meant ICE is your friend! Thanks, spellcheck!☺

        1. Thank you appointment went well today next surgery on 1/03

      2. I hope the consultation today will help you understand what to expect, . Randee, Judy and I will be thinking of you!


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