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Radiation Therapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma

I had radiation therapy for a small squamous cell lesion on my lower leg 9 months ago. It still hasn’t healed and is painful. Afterward, I had another small lesion on the same leg, lower leg a little away from the other one. I did not want radiation therapy again and requested surgical removal. The lesion was surgically removed and has healed just fine. Has anyone else had an issue with radiation therapy?

  1. 6 years ago I had radiation on the side of face didn't feel anything for 3 weeks then it started after seeing weeks it looked like a rat had curled up and died inside out it was terrible wont go through that again

    1. thank you for sharing your experience. That must have been very difficult to go through! Have you had any further spots show up since then and opt for different treatment? Sending well wishes, Julie (team member)

  2. Hi Julie I am now using efidix for my bowens on forhead

    1. how is your Efudex treatment going so far? -Julie (team member)

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