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Should I see a doctor?

Hi, lately I see an increased number of moles and bumps in my body and I'm worried. There's no dermatologist around here, the closest one is 4 hours away from my town. I would like to ask for your help, if I post a pic here would someone be able to tell me if I should go to a doctor or not? I got a pimple in the middle of my chest 2 weeks ago and I kept fiddling with it and eventually became a sore. From googling around it looks close to basal cell carcinoma but it's healing slowly. This is what it looks like and I notice more appear around it.


  1. Hi there! Unfortunately we cannot offer medical advice, but speaking from personal experience, I'd advise you to seek medical attention (either a dermatologist or a primary care physician). You are your best advocate and if you have noticed a change in something, go to a professional. Sending you healing vibes & best wishes. (Hailey, skincancer.net Moderator)

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