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Anyone experience weird discoloration on skin?

I am a female age 30 and about 6 years ago I noticed a purple bluish undertone to my top shoulder area. It’s got uneven edged and unusual shape but completely flat and almost under my skin looking so to speak. It has been causing me a little tenderness it seems and possibly slowly gotten darker with time. I am getting it assessed next week but I am curious if anyone has had this but me. I am Caucasian and I cannot seem to find anything like it online but sometimes I do see similar things.

  1. Hi ,Thanks for checking in. It's definitely a good idea to check with a doctor when you see changes in your skin. We're here for you and are interested in knowing what you find! I looked up bluish skin color and it came up as a condition called cyanosis, in which your skin turns blue or grayish in color because your blood isn't carrying enough oxygen to the spot. My skin has turned darker in some spots and blotchy in others but it hasn't turned blue, though it has turned red.

    1. I went to a Derm PA who did two punch biopsies on this and ordered a stat return, her main concern was a type of melanoma, Lentigo maliga melanoma? I believe. She stated sometimes it presents as mine is, as well as I have some lymph nodes in the Clavicle and Axillary that were swollen. It made me nervous she seemed so sure before getting path results because I know nothing is definitive before those, so I am waiting for those results now.

    2. @melsohm...I know it must have been difficult to hear the finality in your doctor's diagnosis. My advice to you is to focus on the fact that she said "sometimes." There is always a chance she is letting you know the worst-case scenario so you will be prepared should the results come back as she suspects.

      We have some information on our site regarding Lentigo maligna melanoma. It looks like it is rather slow-growing and makes up a small percentage of all diagnosed melanoma cancers. I am including the article here for your reference.


      Please keep us updated on your diagnosis. Keep thinking positively; I certainly will. We are here to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out. All my best, April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

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