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Has anyone used sunscreen on their scalp?

A community member asked the following: Does anybody have any good recommendations for Sun screen to use on your scalp, that doesn't make your hair oily???

  1. There is a product called Poof.

    It is made for the hair and is powder.
    Just purchased it and use it on my part. 😀

    1. Thank you for sharing one that's worked for you, . I like that it's a light powder! - Nina, Team

  2. I haven't used it but since I did have a squamous cell on my scalp, I bought a hat with SPF in it. They are pretty easy to find.

    1. Thanks Ginkoba5. I'll look into that powder. Meanwhile I'm fresh from a scalp MOHS from BCC where I usually parted my hair. I bought a bunch of hats, all SPF rated, and until the incision heals and I regrow hair up there, I'm covering my head!!!

      1. Hats are a great idea, whether or not you have a fresh infusion! Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery. Take good care of you! Judy, Moderator

        1. That would be incision, not infusion. Thanks, auto correct.

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