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Tips for Efudix Treatment for AK

Hi there, I'm new in this community. Just checking in to see if i can get some information to help with this treatment and healing process.
Last Friday my GP told me the funny little dry scar like patches of non healing skin ( on bridge of nose, forehead and beside my mouth) were AK. He prescribed me a tube of Efudix and told me to apply it morning and night for 4 weeks. He is going to see me at 3 weeks to see how it's going. He also told me if it becomes too painful to have a couple of days off and then try again, he showed me pictures on the net of people with bright red bleeding faces and left me to it!
Well I started using the cream on Friday night and tried to find out as much as i could by Googling. So I immediately stopped wearing make up , perfume and i'm only moisturising the other side of my face to the AK ( it's all on the left hand side of face.) I'm using plain water to wash in the morning (then re-applying cream) and night time before applying night time cream. I'm on Day 5.
I started feeling nauseous on Day 1 and also feeling a bit tired. If i eat something ( especially ginger tea or biscuits) i feel less sick and i'm resting as much as possible.
I've heard the blistering or redness will begin next week? Day 7 to 10.
So trying to prepare for that.
Once my face breaks out in redness and pain , I take it i musn't go outside in the sun? or put anything on the sores? Just stay inside and take painkillers?
And once i've finished this treatment, my face will become scabby and that's when i can start using La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume on the sores?
Greatful for any advice. xx

  1. Hi - welcome to our community! You've definitely come to the right place to learn more about Efudex, as many of our community members and patient leaders have used this treatment. We actually have a topical chemotherapy hub that hosts some really helpful content around Efudex use: You're also welcome to peruse all of the forums started by other community members around Efudex: One thing I gather from our community is how challenging and taxing this treatment can be. There are certainly a variety of different opinions and experiences, which is why, ultimately, you should discuss with your doctor the best course of action for yourself. We are not medical experts, simply a community for individuals living with skin cancer seeking support and comfort. I hope reading different perspectives from our community is helpful for you in your journey! Please keep me posted on how the treatment goes. All the best, Alexa ( moderator)

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