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Should I be concerned that my Efudex for AK is not working as advised?

Hi all. I've come across this site and hope I'm ok to post. I have tiny patch of AK on my ear at the top next to the fold. It's about 4mm. Was prescribed efudex 1 x daily for 21 days. At day 14 and the only thing happening is it's getting lighter in colour and smaller. None of the things the dr said - burning, pus etc. It feels a bit tight and maybe a little dry. Is this usual?

  1. Hi rainbow369, thank you for reaching out with this question! We're glad to have you posting here. While we can't provide medical advice, I can share these articles from one of our advocates on her experience with Efudex here: https://skincancer.net/?s=efudex. This is just one person's experience, so take it with a grain of salt! If you continue to be concerned, I encourage you to try reaching out to your healthcare team, just to relieve any anxieties. Glad to have you here! - Nina, SkinCancer.net Team

    1. Thank you for your response. I checked in with my dr and he advised doubling up which I have done and then go back as scheduled end August. So far nothing much has changed though still getting lighter! Thank you for the link

      1. This is such good information for us to have here, rainbow369! I'm glad you checked back and let us know. If you'd like to keep us updated on progress, we'd be happy to hear. Is this your first experience with skin cancer treatment? - Nina, SkinCancer.net Team

      2. It is yes. I've had one mole removed with nothing found and one basal cell removed successfully in the past. I made the mistake of googling side effects so want looking forward to it but thankfully it's been ok.

    2. Some of those photos can be really intimidating, . I'm glad your experience has been okay! I hope it continues to go well. - Nina, SkinCancer.net Team

      1. Update. nothing much has happened other than it going a bit red and a bit drier. Not due to see dr til 31 August. Not sure what to think now treatment done!

      2. Thank you for updating us, ! It sounds strange, although not necessarily alarming, that it worked a little differently. I hope the derm will be reassuring. Wish it were earlier, for peace of mind, but I hope time flies! - Nina, SkinCancer.net Team

    3. Hi there, I'm just now seeing your question. I'm a regular user of Efudex and can tell you it works very differently for each patient. I'm glad you followed up with your doctor. Most users seem to be told to use twice daily for 3-4 weeks. Efudex can be quite intense. You hang in there with it. It's definitely worth the effort. Ask any questions you like. We are here for you any time. April, Skincancer.net, Moderator

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