By Scott Matheny - March 27, 2018
Growing up in the space age there was a common saying that captured the idea that we should have figured this out by now. It went like this, “They can put a... READ MORE

By Scott Matheny - March 23, 2018
I remember looking down at my left forearm for the first time after my surgery in 1988. The surgical stitches were very obtrusive as they wrapped around half of the width of... READ MORE

By Scott Matheny - March 14, 2018
A skin cancer diagnosis stinks. It is scary. One goes through a myriad of emotions that begin the first day you hear the “c” word and continues throughout your life. Getting a... READ MORE

By NinaHU - March 9, 2018
Community member Sue Merring hasn’t always thought of herself as an advocate. After surgeries and recurrences, she became more active in the skin cancer community, and realized how she could contribute to... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - March 5, 2018
Sun safety recommendations often focus on avoiding direct sunlight and lathering on sunscreen with a high SPF value, however, there is more that can be done to protect from harmful rays. The... READ MORE

By Scott Matheny - March 2, 2018
I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma during the summer of 1988. My thirty-year survival anniversary is this year! I often am asked how I discovered my skin cancer. I tell everyone that... READ MORE

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