Has anyone treated the lip area with Efudex?

I have treated my chest and face with Efudex, but I haven’t treated my lips. I’m looking for any pointers on how to best go about avoiding ingesting the cream and any tips for staying comfortable while treating this highly sensitive area. Thanks in advance!

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  • April Pulliam moderator author
    8 months ago

    Thank you so much for your advice. I feel like I’m an old pro with Efudex, but this lip treatment has thrown me for a loop. I’ve had a few spots frozen on my lips over the years, and strangely enough, I assumed I was clear in the lip area. I knew better–it’s never-ending. I’m definitely taking note of your methods. I plan to start mid-April and finish up before summer break begins. Thanks again! April, Skincancer.net, Moderator

  • LizL moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi April, I have needed to use 5FU on my lips, medication that is similar to Efudex.
    You are right that the lips are very sensitive.
    Due to that reason, I was unable to use the cream for as long as I have used it on other facial areas.
    I used the cream at bedtime to avoid licking my lips.
    When I applied the cream too close to my inner lips, to remove any excess, I would use a gloved finger, (covered with a gauze pad), in my mouth and then withdraw it through pursed lips.
    If painful, I would use cool compresses as needed.
    Despite the shorter time used, the 5FU was quite effective, thank heavens!
    I wish you the very best of luck, even better than my experience!
    Please keep me in the loop on how you are doing.
    Thanks, Elizabeth Lebowitz – SkinCancer.net – Site Moderator

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