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If a squamous cell carcinoma that was removed 4.5 years ago had spread, would I know by now?

Maybe this is a silly question. I had a relatively small cutaneous horn on the top of my ear for a few months (smaller diameter than a pencil) and the dermatologist removed it. He had it biopsied at my request and a few weeks later I got a call saying it was squamous cell carcinoma. But that was it. I didnt know at the time to ask about staging. All I asked was what if it spread? He said it doesn’t. I know that it can and I’m wondering would I know by now if it had spread? I’ve been back several times and has removed several actinic keratosis but never seems concerned about the SCC I had. Would his office still have a record of what it was staged at?

Community Answers
  • Nina M moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @Gogobu, this is a great question and I’m sure one that many who’ve had skin cancers removed will wonder. While we can’t say whether you would know, I can share some information about squamous cell here: From what your derm has said, it sounds like your SCC was not the aggressive form, but it can’t hurt to ask specifically, and see if they have a record of any staging or rating. Please let us know if you hear anything, so we can share with others as well! – Nina, Team

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