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Sunscreen recommendations for irritated skin?

Is there a sunscreen that can be used on broken and irritated skin from using Efudex?

Community Answers
  • April Pulliam moderator
    2 years ago

    I am going to be completely honest with you…I have never tried to apply sunscreen on the areas I am treating while still using the cream. I wait until I am healed, and even then I am very cautious and try small amounts in a tiny area to see how it affects the tender areas. I would try to keep the area out of the sun as much as possible until you are finished applying and wear something to cover it whenever you can. My dermatologist told me not to apply any products during treatments including lotions. It was advised to use no soap at all during showers or, at the most, a very mild cleanser. I found that anything and everything burns and stings during treatment and for a few weeks following treatment.

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