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cherry angioma or skin cancer

  • By Dawnr96

    Hi, a few months back I noticed I had a blood blister on my breast. I do get spots quite often and I thought I had popped one and damaged the skin, the blood blister went but left a clear spot/blister. It’s now back to being a blood blister and I’m terrified.

    It’s slightly raised and dark red/purple in colour. It does look very similar to cherry angiomas but also looks just like a blood blister and cancer. I’m going to doctors tomorrow but I was hoping for someone to reply or have some knowledge of it.

  • By NinaHU Keymaster

    Dear @dawnr96, have you been to the doctor yet? I hope you’ll let us know what more you find out! Any spot like this that doesn’t look like the others can be frightening. It can be even scarier when you start googling and hear horror stories. I myself have not heard of skin cancers changing in this way from clear to dark colored and back. But that of course doesn’t mean it’s not something to get looked at. I’ll share this with the Facebook community as well and see if we hear anything back. Thank you for reaching out and we’ll be thinking of you today! – Nina, Team