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Profile picture of suedt

suedt replied to the topic Let’s Talk Scars in the forum Treatment 1 day ago

Moh’s right cheek last October. I don’t think it healed well(repeated appts to drain fluid over first 3 months). But it has improved and I’m used to it. My annual derm appt is tomorrow so I’ll see if more scars are in my immediate future.

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Moonmomma replied to the topic Has anyone not had their melanoma come back? in the forum Melanoma 2 days, 21 hours ago

Wow I can’t believe how many responses! I will always say how much it helps to hear from others going through skin cancer and their stories. I appreciate you adding your story in there too. There is so much more to skin cancer than the average person realizes (heck even me before this happened). Thank from the bottom of my heart for sharing. I d…

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dhowell commented on the post, It’s Only Skin Cancer 3 days ago

It scares the hell out of me. In 2012 my mom died of stage 4 breast cancer, by then I had already had mohs surgery on my face and numerous lesions removed. I felt like my skin cancer wasn’t anything compared to breast cancer or any of the other cancers. I’ve had friends did from cancer. I just kept having the surgeries and another mohs on my lip.…

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