a couple sits in a car smiling but the windows are red and murky

Dangerous Driving

Check your blind spot. Don’t follow too closely. Check your tire pressure. Fix your tail light. Watch your sun
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Profile picture of Renee Feldman

Renee Feldman commented on the post, In A Nightmare, Going Without Sunscreen 6 days ago

I totally understand what you discuss in this article. I, too, never used to think about sunscreen, except maybe if I was on the beach (but only sometimes even then). I never thought about it while biking, running, or walking outside. Now, even if I don’t always remember to put it on, it’s on my mind or at least in the back of my mind. I see…

Profile picture of Eileen.B

Eileen.B commented a story 1 week, 1 day ago

I know just what you’re going through, @hawkfan01. It’s hard not to be overcome with sadness when facing the mortality of a parent — I’ve been through this sort of pre-grief myself. No doubt having a daughter like you, so close and caring, is a huge source of comfort and strength for her.

You said she’s still interested in life, so that’s y…

Profile picture of April Pulliam

April Pulliam commented on the post, Tips for Efudex Users 1 week, 5 days ago

@guillermohorne…you’re more than welcome. You could be right about the low humidity. I’ve treated in cold weather and the 90 degree days of July. Those first days of healing are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Doctors definitely don’t realize enough to warm us about that.

Can’t wait to hear how you feel once it’s over! April,…

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