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Scared for Biopsy Results

I just had a small mole removed, the dermatologist looked at it, and said that it looked normal, though it was a little larger than an eraser and she said she saw a little black on it, nothing too alarming. She gave me the option of not having it removed, and just monitoring it, though, she also gave me the option for a biopsy, just to play it safe... which I did. I am scared that I do have melanoma and that it has spread to my lymph nodes. Has anyone had the same experience as me? The fact that she did not seem to alarmed at first gives me hope, though the mole was slightly abnormal. How long should I expect to hear back from the biopsy result? I am 24 years old, Male, with no family history of skin cancer. Thanks!

  1. Hi @bransun62, first of all, it's completely normal to feel nervous about a mole. My derm gets back to me within two weeks, often more quickly if something is atypical. I'm sure there's a range, and hopefully we'll hear from others.

    We actually had a Q&A about being concerned leading up to derm visits: It deals with similar feelings, and might be helpful.

    If it makes any difference, you have done what you can, and now it's up to the derm to explain what's next. We're sending good luck your way, and hoping it is no skin cancer at all, or an easily treatable one. Please let us know what you find out, and check in whenever you need to.

    - Nina, Team

    1. Hi @bransun62, wondering if you've heard back from your derm yet? I hope you're well! - Nina, Team

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